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COVID-19 Reopening 

Office Visits:  Pursuant to Vermont’s Phased Reopening Plan, we are fully open as of June 1, 2021!  Our office is 100% vaccinated.  


Guests will be screened for vaccination status and Covid-19 risks.  In many instances, masks may not be required if you are vaccinated. Masks are required if unvaccinated. Please note that during this period of readjustment back to normalcy, we may still be using masks and we may still ask guests to wear one.  Depending on the circumstances and for the comfort level of the Ward Law, PC personnel and our guests, we reserve the right to insist on mask usage even if all the parties are vaccinated.  Likewise, we will honor guest requests for mask usage during visits to our office.  Depending on the circumstances, unvaccinated guests or guests who are not wearing masks may be offered services via alternative methods such as Zoom, telephone, or similar.